Just Because

Snapped out of a deep sleep a moment of recognition I need not the words to explain the meaning and I’ve been meaning to give you this, this unfiltered version of love not subjected to standards spinning on parallel times where I shorten the distance from the “longing urge” to “thoughts that merge” present choiceContinue reading “Just Because”

While You Busy Being Them

Instead of backwards manifesting I relearned so many lessons let go of all the stressing air head that’s somehow breathless went from literal to less -ing all the illusions now undressing confessing not a ritual balanced overused aggression society no longer messing no pressure to feel less then racing with other humans but not blindedContinue reading “While You Busy Being Them”

CICU 10 (Long Walk)

Don’t much matter when you’re sitting, remembering everything that made sense the past doesn’t always hurt so this is me embracing it the measurements on scale from shock to numb what’s love got to do with this doctors giving reports and I’m on the sideline looking translucent playing music, to move his soul to theContinue reading “CICU 10 (Long Walk)”

Art Like

I lay wasted atop satin sheets while morning water colors paint tinted window curtains. It’s cold in here despite predictions of Armageddon by 12 PM, I’m walking the maze of dreams where you won’t leave as promised, if my soul chose this my mind doesn’t know the difference blank canvas is a color by numberContinue reading “Art Like”


I’m in love with you without ever meeting you or learning who you are from building a relationship, I care “less” the societal belief that says different about my soul proclamation, synchronization speaks different and it’s only my human existence that lingers in wonder that my mind wishes to defer to but… I love you,Continue reading “Alter”