Heal Tones/Inner Child

I speak, in dream
to ease the thought of logic
it’s similar to tasting green
or hearing blue,
a mixture of arrangements
that communicates with the inner child
in ignorance our innocence plays
making stuff up
so when it all comes down
ideas get planted 
that one day bring forth fruit we can share
compared to no one else
I speak in dream
easing the thoughts of logic
purifying toxins
that feed into healthy memories
composed of discarded weeds
identified as beautiful
from a lens uncorrected
perspective is, that’s just how I talk
holding hands when we walk
just because
fitted in tones that heal
despite the facts, my truth is
spoken in languages
that require you push logic
to the right side of the brain
then impossibility of perfection
becomes obtainable
or at least it will be
for you and I
leaving fake claims behind
so we can find us
in truth
in love
from the in-side.

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