Let’s Shift Higher

Let’s turn from uncommon belief to impossible relief blink and it could be missed that feeling to get to this with, open doors that switched from pure logic to nostalgic, upon release of preconceptions learned lessons that helped when planning this moment, unexpected yet expected “traditional” that’s outdated “normal” restrictions thoroughly contemplated grateful for thisContinue reading “Let’s Shift Higher”

Heaven on Earth

The polarity – contradiction finished at the beginning our love is both and unconfined I finally realized what we are doing broken from shackles the need to unlearn, reprogram then dance like fire in rain the world can keep fixed styles just so, freed verses explain the accepted duality I live in your dreams onContinue reading “Heaven on Earth”

Bohemian Gypsy Love

If I get close enough to you when looking into your eyes I’m making that kiss you’re tasting these lips we’re both doing this feeling the gest of what we’re creating this isn’t a push, I won’t pull on you shopping through blue windows can’t go about this as usual oddly enough, mystery is providedContinue reading “Bohemian Gypsy Love”

Let Me Be That

Let me be your quiet space that place you go for comfort indulging in infinite resting in endless withered soul made wet from it now you can travel round the globe yet your heart stays here making you look forward to weekends like it’s Monday, this love is a holiday worth instant repeat make yourContinue reading “Let Me Be That”

Watching Reflections

Let’s watch the moon rise you and I in skies we share quite a distance apart, see light colored art paint subconscious parts while continually and slowly endearing your skin pulling in your scent so I can dram about it later in places where tall grass blows, willows flow by secluded bungalows and the soundContinue reading “Watching Reflections”

Chance Taken

Come kiss me with light and love I’ll take the risk soul been on fire since thoughts of creating time concepts, so meet me on the side of the galaxy by the moon like sun in that duality where it’s recognized he is inside she that’s the phrase “same difference” accept this so acceptance isContinue reading “Chance Taken”

Let’s Be Unconventional

Untraditional I feel you let go of limitations worldly type focus scaled inside portraits you gonna miss this sun shining reflection what you been missing, flower I’m open come fill up on this loving enter your inner and listen to your soul mate with my essence this is called accession, cloud nine I’m not afraidContinue reading “Let’s Be Unconventional”


I’m in love with you without ever meeting you or learning who you are from building a relationship, I care “less” the societal belief that says different about my soul proclamation, synchronization speaks different and it’s only my human existence that lingers in wonder that my mind wishes to defer to but… I love you,Continue reading “Alter”

Universal Love

Warm smiles from I love you whispers in my mind recognizing signs quick reminds that find my attention, taking the time to listen not in quantitative measures unless, in fact, you need that for time itself is spent appropriately when it’s with you let’s pick a few M&M’s (moments and memories) that are worth theContinue reading “Universal Love”