Matrix Ascension

mountains with crepuscular ray
She smelled of love
tasted like happiness
and he knew then
he was consumed by this magic
some sort of scientific explanation
that created words that required
an education on life to stand on
or maybe under,
cause this is the ring around the roses
only these pockets are filled with objects
of affection, suggesting
matters of the heart be taken
into one’s own hands
thinking if this is shared
limits of “dust to dust” 
can be moved past
touching down somewhere over the rainbow
somewhere, that grass is greener
somewhere, that expectations are set on nil
and creating can be enjoyed
finding complacency in words like
that “thing” beyond feeling
dealing in energy
present in the moment
of what is, is
and he,
spoke silence beautifully
viewed it outside of perspective
so then, she knew
the linguistics of math communicated
broke timelines built in
the matrix.
mountains with crepuscular ray
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