Two Eyes, No Lies (If Only You’d See)

window in a room
I had seen her in passing
seen her move through
rear views of my school of thought
navigating its waves of commotion
emotions being made
as I gave pause to a sense of vision
lacking intuition initially
eventually, the inevitable happened
cause once play got pushed
the universe went to work
for what it’s worth
there’s no surprise we met soon after
as if opportunity contemplated
and decided this needed to happen
the questions I had been asking self
reflected this face to face
and despite her being laced with
the foundation of disguise
no amount of make up could hide
or provide the intent meant to replace
perfection that I believed to be misplaced
with the mistakes I had made
dazed, in attempts to not judge
the cover of an unread book
had me thinking of another way to present
17 year old feelings
that dwelled in the feminine aspects
like, how could I get
her to recognize this moves past skin deep
somewhere only a soul could peep
one so beautiful,
only for society to tell her no
don’t even know
she’s fighting against a whole situational cult,
even when exposed
maybe if I spoke she could cope
with the facts that the truth lies
between belief in one’s self
and the lies they give
as hope
no need to choke up about it
I doubt if the masses really care
tie dyed hair, should I dare
cause when she stares
I feel things like
help, hurt, heal me for me
is she even asking
or is this just a dream
one where I keep telling my conscious
shit really fertilizes flowers
this, sour taste in my mouth
this, bitter truth in my hands
I exchange for a key code
that could set us free
only to be, ostracized for being different
poked at because we attempt to fit in
to puzzle piece already in place
for Christ’s sake
it’s a different world
then where my heart is coming from
trying to give her some
of this old school stardust
found in my pants pocket
that was left over from my youth
this truth of expression without the use of
codependent decisions
to narcissistic fundamentalists
here, she can take mutual benefits
and plug it into a dream not deferred
as I heard from miles away
that she didn’t need another daddy
she just needed me to be 
to exist and give pieces of authenticity
and eventually, it’ll be whatever it is
as I spend the rest of my days boxing up
packages of faith, happiness and joy
deliver them to her doorstep as proof that
my two yes have never lied
especially when staring back
at hers.
window in a room
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