Room Colors

His Emotions Released 07/07/2020 – Available for purchase by clicking on the picture above.
I sit in a green lit room
meditating to the voice of Sade
dreaming, then I put words to it
lets move past inspire and make feelings
that causes hairs to raise on the back of your neck
just from tapping into bliss and cosmic
at the same time,
outer body experiences could move this
at light speed to a galaxy far from here
but where you’ll find me in solitude
experiencing love that’s not “like”
it is, worth shooting in your veins
sniffing into your brain
a dose so potent
you’ll find yourself next to me
and we can exchange pleasantries
while sipping from liquid cups,
I know the goddess “is’ you
not just “in” you,
the same that keeps miracles spinning
in degrees, if it pleases self
take this peak of creation
and rebirth life in such artistic forms
that the eyes and ears
of those that choose
can foster child like memories
made to exchange love
like we do,
as I sit in a green lit room.

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