Let’s Be Unconventional

affection afterglow backlit blur
affection afterglow backlit blur
Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com
I feel you
let go of limitations
type focus
scaled inside portraits
you gonna miss this
sun shining reflection
what you been missing,
I’m open
come fill up on this loving
your inner
and listen to your soul
mate with my essence
this is called accession,
cloud nine
I’m not afraid
been up here floating
waiting on your company
all of it is so lovely,
this view from up here
is what beautiful feels like
when you
believe in me
can do anything in foresight,
before hand
but especially
in aftermaths
of you choosing
yourself, reflected
in still lakes at mid day,
minus the confusion
and that’s where
they’ll find me
holding onto just you,
cause she relates
in one can find us both too.

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