Moon Lotus

aquatic beautiful bloom blooming
aquatic beautiful bloom blooming
Photo by Diego Madrigal on
I can feel your smile
and laugh
taste those lips
your essence
sense your glow
the radiance
I think I
need a cycle of it
sunflower, I’m noticing
the attraction pull
I envision this
like molecules meeting
soft hands reaching
peace seeking in eyes
fingers in curls of hair
I’m taking the dare
of pressing my lips
into yours
-not onto but into-
to merge shadows in light
to crest bright with night
and this might
be the garden that Eden
was made for
loc us in
as frame rates from photos
that establish the pause
for a moment
as your arms raised
sweet like honey
and I’m daydreaming of
inner visions that breathe
like leaves, like petals
this is life
through your skin.

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