Chance Taken

astrology astronomy beautiful constellation
Come kiss me with light and love
I’ll take the risk
soul been on fire since thoughts
of creating time concepts,
so meet me on the side of the galaxy
by the moon like sun
in that duality where it’s recognized
he is inside she
that’s the phrase “same difference”
accept this so acceptance is accepted
not expected
a choice frees the will
with such power
that we bypass mountain levels,
up here expressions of self
make the same love
dreamed of that currently is manifested
decided to, brake the chain
so we could break the fast
if what’s for me is mine
then you eat what I eat
feel what I feel
from the other side of the kaleidoscope
so the question is
with all this euphoria
what will you actually do
with it, with this
human design made in lines
for present time, present place
present moment
now, catch this…
background beautiful blossom calm waters
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