Let Me Be That

affection afterglow backlit blur
Let me be your quiet space
that place you go for comfort
indulging in infinite
resting in endless
withered soul made wet from it
now you can travel round the globe
yet your heart stays here
making you look forward to weekends
like it’s Monday,
this love is a holiday worth instant repeat
make your knees get weak
but I’d uplift your feet
til you realize you’re in another dimension
you could stand at attention
but let’s lay your soles to rest
that way your soul can let
go, I don’t know but
I think we can meet in the astral plane
play games like hide and go get
mix our energies til we find
the number one appealing for the two of us
and I’m just terrestrial, that’s extra
flying through space to catch the tear
falling from your face
placed on my heart to water life back into my system
this rhythm, is much like blues sang
by the lady in the lake
so let’s make this official
from “like” to feeling “just right”
birds of a feather flock together
so you and I flow tight
and, radar beeps reveal the peeps
that emanate from your grace
be that comfort in said space
that quiet found in your place.
blue and white smoke digital wallpaper
Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com

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