2 Inches Between

happy couple embracing each other in nature
It felt good to feel your embrace
after months of just seeing your face
and I wanted to take that moment
extend it so I can feel my cheek pressed
to your stomach, clutch
the first time like 3 seconds left on the clock
feels right so I’ll take the shot
not a vaccine, more like
by a flying object landing between
the spot with no X to mark targets
I’ve long since listened to intuition
that mentioned a blue-eyed bandit
lurking ever so close,
finding you behind screen doors
I bypass as if no glass came between us
now, that you’re here
the here and now is that much better
put it in a lyric
charge it with a bit of lust and playful
mix it with trust and caring
and what you’re staring at is love letters
formed to make words from the alphabet soup
taste like sweet, feels like butterflies
released from my stomach
that’s where feelings for you reside
and I…think I…might have fallen from the sky
for you.
happy couple embracing each other in nature
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com

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