Intentions Set, Let’s Manifest

unrecognizable newlywed couple in forest
What’s sweet is
you’re reading this verse
and I’m lurking behind the scenes
within your soul
sipping on the bubbly
where you and me mash up buttons
on game night
streaming live for the limelight
and this just feels right
despite being left to our own devices
what’s nice is
the attempt to synchronize our lives
through similar situations
different forms of meditation
in overdrive before overtime
in and out of line somehow combined
so let’s find our way
midday classics are quite fantastic
I’m tasked with refocusing conscious thought
to allow pathways to be free for passes
that seek completion, yes indeed this
is the flow for manifesting
dream so big there’s no room to fizz
out the promised blessing
came back to life to learn the lesson
in this form, through these means
and we’ve been waiting on this moment
these choices you and I have to make
for this to be great, this to be fate
in present days, ancient ways
help pave this path
I walk towards you, our force
with situations at hand
I extend my choice to -us-
in hopes this time
we get it.
unrecognizable newlywed couple in forest
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