Heaven on Earth

photo of clouds during dawn
 The polarity - contradiction 
 finished at the beginning
 our love is both and unconfined
 I finally realized what we are doing
 broken from shackles
 the need to unlearn, reprogram
 then dance like fire in rain
 the world can keep fixed styles
 just so, freed verses explain
 the accepted duality
 I live in your dreams
 on shifted time lines that redefined
 many of the things I was lead to believe
 accepting me for me
 was the gateway to all of you
 it’s no wonder
 time alone was more of us
 learning each other from
 the inside out
 never to late
 caught in just the nick of this lifetime
 let’s enjoy our forever
 together in ways that now
 the universe couldn’t separate. 
photo of clouds during dawn
Photo by Szabó Viktor on Pexels.com

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