for H.E.R. (poem #2)

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 I can recognize the beauty
 from your energy
 feel the way you sound
 across piano keys and guitar strings
 I create my own dream
 where we make love on notes
 played and written
 scripted so that music does the talking
 call that poetry speak
 marathon sessions in which duets
 flex the muse
 please don’t mind how I’m
 in love with your sound
 your rhythm equates my jazz notation
 mixed components blend
 science and nature creating magic
 something never heard before
 but feels so familiar
 footprints made, found and followed
 back to original state
 a place our spirit came from 
 electro waves on sonic rotations
 this is deity spontaneity
 something kind of beautiful
 like mistakes corrected by taking the next step
 making the soul smile
 passed on from one lifetime to the next
 let’s see the differences and enjoy the view
 learning what love is continually
 just by being you - and me
 see this sun shine
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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