for H.E.R. (poem #7)

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 Silhouettes of sounds and alchemy
 she creates by way of voice,
 humming to the strings of my subconscious
 played like music from speakers
 selected songs from the personal playlist
 and, I’m just happy to be here
 in presences with dreams that reflect 
 noticing beyond limited senses
 put it on everything
 that I just felt a dragonfly’s wings beat
 meeting at the creation of tears
 from joy, if you’re looking to find love, 
 it’s here
 right there between
 the verses we unconsciously believe
 since we believed
 in, because, without limitation
 destiny has met fate
 and designed balance 
 found somewhere within. 
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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