Waiting On…

man sitting in front of turned on screen
 I search for you in the eyes of others
 waiting for that moment when
 recognition from followed intuition
 leads to side by side moments
 that no longer linger 
 in dreams or memories of past incarnations,
 I find it difficult to innerstand this current method
 beside me in this bed is space and time
 here and now moving past 
 glimpses caught and released 
 like forgotten dreams where I emphasized 
 what it was like to feel your touch
 if I determine to delete this current cycle
 it’ll be twice as tough the lesson for giving up
 so I send this up and press my luck
 in hopes to pull and clutch you close
 into these arms and feel stars combine
 emotional anti-matter 
 god particles that make up the core
 tide reaching for shores that require
 riches to pour into my spiritual anatomy 
 within so without, we’ll benefit
 write this at the god hour through digital sentences
 then send the document to you as a lyrical gift
 which, vibrates on dialed frequency called spirit
 the choices made in this life are free and currently
 are waiting on you. 
man sitting in front of turned on screen
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com

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