for H.E.R. (poem #9)

afterglow art backlit bokeh
 She strings melodies while I’m sleep
 so lullabies play live til I awake
 cross legged in front of my face
 she plays low, makes love
 with chords and keys
 that run through my mind
 through my very being
 believing this to be the reason
 the Earth spins on its axis
 the opposite of summer madness
 I’m glad this was waited for
 she smiles as she pours
 so much in that my human existence
 has shot to higher planes
 where our flames sit looking at
 our Earthly experience
 something serious, seriously
 let’s not skip play
 be it four or just the two of us
 rock your love my way
 and I hope you are ok with how sensual
 we currently are
 I know we might be the only ones looking
 but we’re being watched by a million stars. 
afterglow art backlit bokeh
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