Universal Love

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Warm smiles from
I love you whispers in my mind
recognizing signs
quick reminds that find my attention,
taking the time to listen
not in quantitative measures
unless, in fact, you need that
for time itself is spent appropriately
when it’s with you
let’s pick a few M&M’s
(moments and memories)
that are worth the amount of tears and laughs
placed in them,
and as we partake in this feast
the least of my worries are realized
because it’s you
yes you,
not the body and skin
but the energy within
where do I begin with what can’t be explained
with words,
at least not completely
evidently, we’re celebrating the recognition
oneness - sameness - uniqueness
the reunion of a union
from kickstarts that caused contusions
to egos that we let go
to let love flow,
from warm smiles.

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