Intimate Salute

Intimate Salute
(Or in other words affectionately smooch)
This act is without reason
so disconnect your logic during this kiss
this moment of humans creating with lips
as energy will ride high
fill lows, both placed on recycle
and I-like-you,
enough to gaze into moments
observing as words are mouthed
or, rims curve out math
that I add and subtract
causing multiple emissions
of oxytocin, soft muscular folds when
gently felt breath tween
short pauses at crosses of chins
slight lean in, pecks between grins
and the blend of power begins
sending us off on journeys
made way by butterflies
reverse back to me cause you like
eye, to eye, open wide
despite lids being closed
we’re neck deep in our minds
and as skies line, we’re aligned
let it be,
as we intimately salute
it’s balanced harmony.
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