I’m in love with you without ever meeting you or learning who you are from building a relationship, I care “less” the societal belief that says different about my soul proclamation, synchronization speaks different and it’s only my human existence that lingers in wonder that my mind wishes to defer to but… I love you,Continue reading “Alter”

Universal Love

Warm smiles from I love you whispers in my mind recognizing signs quick reminds that find my attention, taking the time to listen not in quantitative measures unless, in fact, you need that for time itself is spent appropriately when it’s with you let’s pick a few M&M’s (moments and memories) that are worth theContinue reading “Universal Love”


We are opposite ends of 180 degree separation, attracted polarities please talk, so the energy through me is over stimulated and I physically can’t lay still in bed beyond my feels I will, this surge across the distance catch breath I exhaled and sent through bird winged air breeze, I can no longer cool theseContinue reading “‘Skia”

Shadow Work

Take good vibes only and rid me of this nonsense I don’t repent on what help make me shadows found daily by those seeking light I am the night, the other side to your vibe inside this luminous darkness I find balance not karma, my life’s work was what its worth in ancient timelines andContinue reading “Shadow Work”

Room Colors

I sit in a green lit room meditating to the voice of Sade dreaming, then I put words to it lets move past inspire and make feelings that causes hairs to raise on the back of your neck just from tapping into bliss and cosmic at the same time, outer body experiences could move thisContinue reading “Room Colors”

Can I Just Show You Love

Give me you, relentlessly I speak words just like you breathe trees effortlessly, placed between water and nature this hand in hand romance has circular flow charts I’m a part, you’re a part despite being apart we exist in the same place because I recognize your face those lips I kiss every time you drinkContinue reading “Can I Just Show You Love”

For Love, For Us

I can’t stop thinking about you borderline obsession no, this is what happens when stars coincide it’s me, it’s me I’ve come for you I choose to put it all on the line go all in it’s all or something like wait for another moment in life that grants the opportunity to be one stepContinue reading “For Love, For Us”

His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) Officially Released!

Today (07/07/2020) “His Emotions Released -H.E.R.- is officially released! At this time, you can only buy the book directly from the print press @luludotcom and it will eventually be available on various online platforms. Click on the the book cover, or visit my page, which will take you to my an ordering page with informationContinue reading “His Emotions Released (H.E.R.) Officially Released!”